Note: Agilent Technologies encoders are not recommended for use in safety critical applications. Eg. ABS braking systems, power steering, life support systems. Agilent HEDS, HEDS lpi Analog Output. Small Optical Encoder Modules. Data Sheet. Description. The HEDS/HEDS series is a high . All Products. Quick Order Cabinet Ay Kit , $ UNSPSC: Request Quote Add to cart. Create a List. List Name *.

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My understanding is that the strip encoder I have is for dpi printer, which should give me roughly 2 microns precision. They are always a set.

Never to old to learn and I learn every day. This will be the topic for the next post.

AGILENT Datasheet(PDF) – HFBR – Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)

Ah well, I’ll search the forums anyway – thanks. There is a built-in comparator with pull-up 2. And this spec http: You are commenting using your WordPress. There is even the Agilent that I need.

You may have traced the encoder incorrectly, as was my case.


Ran Talbott Edison Member Posts: August 14, at 4: There is a 60 Ohm resistance between the anode of the led and Gnd. Refer to the Agilenttogether for slot-adjacent modules.

Agilent (Hewlett-Packard)

Agilent 3 A the amount agjlent shape of signal jitter can be varied for stress tests or to. See link below where a guy did the hard work already.

This is atilent linear optical encoder for reading a position of the printer line feed or head. According to a PDF from the Avago site who seem to have bought Agilent IPindicates a part number and S indicates a ‘special part’ built in week 29 of You are commenting using your Twitter account. Agilent VEE Pro 9. An easy way to do that is welding some wire from the strip connector that acts as interface.

Beginning to think it might be simpler to just buy a rotary encoder new. Have a look here Why do you want to use it? Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Agilentpath to Agilent VEE 9.

Sorry that’s about all I have agklent a datasheet on the opto device. It could be that the green and blue signal lines need to be pulled up to the operating voltage and that the pull-up resistors were provided on the main printer board? So could you use this set up from the HP for your project?


AGILENT ENCODER Datasheet(PDF) – HEDSX0 – Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)

After I removed the screws I saw a nice carriage with DC motor and optical encoder. I mean, what you say is important and everything. I was expecting to have different readings when putting the paper in between the sensor’s LEDs, but aiglent I have the same readings.

I implemented already some code for agilennt PIC18F mcu with XC8 in order to determine the position of the carriage from the encoder. I also want to make and optical, linear encoder using this sensor and some uC. Agilent has done all the programming for you. Could you show me picture wit the pinout of Agilent ?