Brussels II Regulation (EC) No /, also called Brussels IIA or II bis is a European Union Regulation on conflict of law issues in family law between. Praktyczny przewodnik dotyczący stosowania rozporządzenia Bruksela II bis. Front Cover. Publications Office, – 93 pages. The Brussels II Regulation Council Regulation (EC) No / 0f 27 November (Brussels II Regulation ). concerning jurisdiction and the.

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Children who are covered by the judgment [1 If more than four children are concerned, use a second form. Names of parties to whom legal aid has been granted Done at.

Full name and date of birth. Such matters generally come under the jurisdiction of the courts in the EUcountry where the child usually lives. The judgment entails the return of the child The first volume is devoted to dispute resolution. The Regulation brukeela to civil law cases involving more than one country that relate to:.

Bruksela I bis

The children were given an opportunity to be heard, unless a hearing was considered inappropriate having regard to their age or degree of maturity. Name of Court 4. Country and place of birth 3. For cases within the European Union, the regulation takes precedence over the convention.

Address where available 6. Place of marriage where available 3. Where the judgment was given in default of appearance, the person defaulting was served with the document which instituted the proceedings or with an equivalent document in sufficient time and in brukeela a way as to enable that person to arrange for his or her defence, or the person has been served with the document but not in compliance with these conditions, it is nevertheless established that he or she accepted the decision unequivocally.


Can an advertiser run afoul of the alcohol advertising rules by advertising simple fruit juice? Under the Regulation, any EU country must automatically recognise judgments given in another EU country on matrimonial and parental responsibility matters. This possibility is foreseen under Article 40 2.

Brussels II – Wikipedia

Drawing from our experiences, we present visions and solutions for the future. Retrieved 1 April Summaries of EU Legislation.

Full name of the party 9. Place of Court 7. Retrieved from ” https: Date and place of birth where available. Views Read Edit View history.

Full name and date of birth 9.

Brussels II

Where applicable, details of measures taken by courts or authorities to ensure the protection of the child after its return to the Member State of habitual residence Names of parties to whom legal aid has been granted 9. Holders of parental responsibility other than those mentioned under 3 [2 In cases of joint custody, bruuksela person already mentioned under item 3 may also be mentioned in item 4.

Use the Advanced search. Is the judgment subject to further appeal under the law of the Member State of origin?

Article 61 c and Article 67 1 TEC. A judgment on the exercise of parental responsibility enforceable in the EU country where it was issued can be enforced in another EU country when it has been declared enforceable there at the request of any interested party.


What rules govern the permissible brukxela of famous names for products? Name of Court 5. Changes in law in Poland affecting the business environment – December European Union law Portal: The judgment entails the return of the children and the court has taken into account in issuing its judgment the reasons for and evidence underlying the decision issued pursuant to Article 13 of the Hague Convention of 25 October on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction Was the judgment given in default of appearance?

In relations between EU countries, it takes precedence over certain multilateral conventions:. What we do About us Lawyers.

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Is the judgment enforceable according to the law of the Member State of origin? The regulation also specifies procedures regarding International child abductionbut does not take precedence over the Hague Bru,sela Abduction convention to which all EU member states are parties. The regulation does not apply to Denmark.

Names of parties to whom legal aid has been granted 7. Cooperation between central authorities in parental responsibility cases. Court brruksela delivered the judgment 6.