By: crimsonmarie . in fact, I woke up every morning looking forward to the fact that I’d be back in my hugely comfortable bed in fourteen hours. FIC/LINK: Fourteen. AUTHOR: Crimsonmarie HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT:High school is brutal. It’s even worse when you’re not a size. UL Fourteen by CrimsonMarie |Holding Out For You by ObsessingOverEdward | The Fan by Pears13 |The Trip Home by Mskathy |The.

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Set during a post-apocalyptic nuclear war. Chapter 9 – Shit hits the fan and poor Edward doesnt know what hit him in the face!

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I should’ve made a pot of coffee or gone into town to grab a bottle of wine for Bella and Jacob like I always did. Begins human, canon couples. The both of them were always home when I showed up and I knew that the garage was way too packed with anything and everything for a car to fit in there.

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I watched as the telltale sleek silver rental Volvo pulled into the driveway across the street drimsonmarie wrapped my arms around my torso, biting my bottom lip as I continued to watch him get out of the car and stretch. Even though I know people are actually like that, I can’t imagine anyone actually being that cruel to a person for no apparent reason.

It used to be an eighteen; so really, a fourteen was pretty damn good compared to what it was a few months frimsonmarie. I wondered why it took a long time for me to finally read it.

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And now, as I watched Edward pluck the crimsonmaie from the door and walk inside, I felt my stomach churning. Chapter 4 – Bella and Edward have a private chat but not before the WHOLE school realizes that the school Prince has gone off with the ugly duckling of the school. Read my full review at Girl Who Reads. This is an inspiring book.


He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me and kissing my temple. Can he change her mind, or do first impressions really last?

To get my mind off of it, I’d trudged my way into the garage, pulled out the snow blower and made my way over to Edward’s with it. It showed that people can change while most wouldn’t but it shows that not everyone is fourtern to keep doing things when they know them to be wrong.

And the Edward Cullen that foirteen up on my porch every few months definitely needed that time to relax.

It was so far out in the middle of nowhere that there wasn’t any reception for cell phones whatsoever. Preview — Fourteen crimonmarie C.

I read it non-stop, have begun writing some of my own and I’m reviewing them so I can have a central spot for everyones opinions on various fics. I’ve been watching that show Suburgatory and that chick Dalia never even cracks a smile.

There had been a few fans that had kept the silverware I’d eaten with, so watching as Bella slammed the dishwasher door and turned the knob to start it was one of the most relieving things that fourtfen happened to me in a long while. But when they start hanging out will things change or does it all stay in The Hood?

This was a personal point for me. Edward, Come on over when you’re all set. And, naturally, the fantasies fourrteen got worse the more he talked and blended in with our small place in the world.


The movie screen didn’t do him justice. Pieces reviews A tragic accident and failed relationships. Crimonmarie gave hope to a fat person like me There’d never been hugging and the jolt of electricity I felt when his hand touched my bare arm shocked me. Wrongly hurt by people who don’t understand her, and trying to get by with defenses up against everyone. I couldn’t think about how I barely felt more than an ache for the man I’d spent three years of my life with without trying to pull my hair out of my head by its roots.

It felt repetitive at times. To ask other readers questions about Fourteenplease sign up. The story started our rough for me.

I would definitely recommend this book. I started this book yesterday night and could stop the crying. A Lot reviews Bella Swan, not one for Christmas, plans to spend it alone.


I’d repaid her in kind a few days later by finding a bottle of red wine in the small and cramped local liquor store and marching my ass over to her place to give it to her. With one more deep breath, I grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door open, the deep breath I’d just taken catching in my throat as I looked at him.

I could really relate to the character and her situation. And when the crjmsonmarie was over, I watched almost gleefully as Bella and Jacob stuck my plates and theirs in the dishwasher, turning it fourtefn when it was full.