Before you can claim EIS tax relief you must have received an EIS3 form from the company in which you have invested. This form confirms the amount you. 30 May However, to claim relief you must first be issued an EIS3 form by the company issuing the shares. They will obtain these forms from HMRC and. You cannot claim relief until the company sends you an SEIS3 or EIS3 form, If you have an SEIS3 or EIS3 for a year for which you have not yet received a tax.

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If you claim relief through your PAYE code, relief will be spread out over the remaining pay days in the current tax year. It can take 12 months, sometime longer, before an investor receives their full complement of tax relief certificates as it takes time for the fund manager to make investments on behalf of the investor.

As described above, you can claim to have relief in the year before that in which the shares were issued. Growth Fund and Fund Twenty8. Download our latest guide. If this applies to you, then there are two ways in which you can forn your tax relief.

And if you haven’t yet explored the EIS?

HS341 Enterprise Investment Scheme – Income Tax relief (2015)

The general rule is that the relief is available for the tax year in which the shares are issued. As mentioned above, this is not tax advice. What or who is the WST? Likewise, if you are paid through PAYE, or wish to claim for a previous year, the EIS3 form provides sections to be completed to report these. What are the WST aims? You may need to take this into account if a new share issue is being added to an existing holding in the same company.

  LM340T15 PDF

There are also rules around investing in companies that you are connected toso check these before investing in a company that you have links to. What were you doing? You will need to fill in pages 3 and 4 of the EIS certificate and send these by mail to the HMRC officer dealing with your tax deductions.

Contents The circumstances in which you can claim the relief How to claim the relief Income Tax relief claims Shares that were issued to you and someone else jointly Tax relief for a different year — your choices How much relief you get for your subscriptions for shares Contact.

Wealth Club Limited is not responsible for the content of external third party material featured on our website. Gains deferred in this way wash out on death. Find out more about cookies. If you haven’t already got this, the Society should send it to wis3 soon.

HMRC will require the following information:. It also gives some guidance on the circumstances in which an investor is eligible to make a claim. In either of these cases, you can opt for the relief to be attributed to certain shares, or to be attributed proportionately fis3 all the shares.

You can also take account of tax paid on pensions, investment income, bank interest, rental income etc, but not dividends. They can claim loss relief either in the tax year when they realise the loss or the following tax year.

Loss relief allows investors to offset a loss made on an EIS investment against either their Capital Gains Fodm bill or their Income Tax bill, depending on which better suits their individual needs.

EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) Tax Relief Guide For Investors

Alternatively, investors can claim their tax relief online via self-assessment by doing the following: You may get back less than you invest. The date the fund closed will be shown on the form EIS5 which the fund manager gives you.


In the case of SEIS and EIS funds, investors will usually receive multiple certificates one per each company that has been invested into. Neither BDO LLP nor Supporters Direct can accept any responsibility for any loss incurred by any individual as a result of information contained in this document.

If the fund was not approved, you will have to make individual claims for your allocated investment into every company that the fund invested in. Similarly, if the Society redeems your shares, your proceeds will be no more than you paid for the shares, so no gain will arise. For this purpose, an associate includes a spouse or civil partner, lineal ancestor or descendant, a business partner and certain persons with whom the individual has connections through a trust.

However, you will need to have received them to submit your tax return. An introduction to property crowdfunding. If you have an accountant or tax adviser who deals with your tax returns for you, then simply send the whole EIS3 to them. Is this page useful? To help us improve GOV.

If you invested in a fund, you will typically receive one EIS3 for each of the underlying companies. How was the WST formed?

This does not apply, subject to certain conditions, at any time when the only shares issued are the original subscriber shares. A paid director is one who receives, or is entitled to receive, any form of payment from the eix3 other than certain items such as reimbursements of expenses allowable for tax purposes. Claims for relief can be made up to five years after the first 31 January following the tax year in which the investment was made.

Kin Capital’s Pillar 3 disclosure can be found here.