One of the first books I read on MPB was “Mai più calvi” (= “Never more bald”) of the italian man Giovanni Serri Pili. He claimed that he was. Online shopping from a great selection at Kindle Store Store. abetz85 wrote: This is the link of the book: Piu-Calvi-Giovanni-Serri-Pili But I warn you it’s wrote in Italian.

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There are a lot of tips about correct posture in his book. He places an extreme importance to the frontalis and occipital muscles. He noticed how people with luxuriant hair usually incorporate facial expressions like raising your forehead and how their scalp slides back when they do so. I got a trim Friday and my stylist told me that I have a lot of spots where hair is missing on my head my husband likes to twist my hair and pull the knots out, that is the cause of this.

He also told of his method to all his friends and they too regrew hair. This setri because when you keep your head hunched forward you put pressure on your galea. Since pilii google search yielded all Italian language entries, I made my husband look into it he’s a native Italian speakerand eerri what he was explaining, it seems like this crazy technique actually works.


In the book, he also says oili this method cures psoriasis, dermatitis and other similar problems. It seemed to make a lot of sense to me at the time and I was mad keen to see some benefit from both that and the minox but didn’t get anything. I tried it for awhile, but was never very good at persisting In the book it explains several techniques on how to sit, sleep, he also invented a special chair to sit in a favorable position and a band to put around the head at night in order giovamni keep detaching the scalp from the bone.

Castor Oil to Re-Grow Hair. To continue to the forum, just close this window. Seem common around here the things that help hair help health.

So guys, don’t stop pulling your hair! It is a traditional East Europenian method. The minoxidil I perservered with for a couple of years with the dermaroller chiming in for 6 months in the middle. This whole adventure is going to be much more enjoyable once we all come out oili it with full heads of hair.

Pili Bertiang

Walking with your spine straight and your head aligned with your shoulders The photos show very little, if anything anyway. It always improves the appearance of hair, it grows thicker and darker. But, at the same time, he was convinced that our bulbs never die. Joey Ramone on Sun Dec 15, I’m contemplating getting the e-book and making him translate it for me.


Serri Pili

Nordin on Thu Jul 17, 7: Yes, the method works, but you need to corrugate and pull your hair a lot. Enjoy the shine and full fill the very next day!

The hairline area for me use to be as tight as a drum now its much looser pilk im almost certain things have improved a lot for me and im maintaining with healthier long hair. However, I’m skeptical about many of his claims. I didn’t expect some quick results, but more than year should be enough to see at least some results.

Castor Oil to Re-Grow Hair – Mark’s Daily Apple Forum

SlowMoe on Sun Dec 15, 2: He’s now dead though. There is a thread on this forum http: His teachings are very interesting so i posted this here to help people, maybe by combining Tom SE with his posture tips you can create the ultimate baldness cure.

That joseph guy’s a nut. Pil edited by Leida ; I have hair, it’s just not as thick pjli it used to be when I was a youngin’. By the way, having a better posture is still important for your back’s health.