Crimes and Mercies: the fate of German civilians under Allied occupation by James Bacque, Little, Brown pounds Linda Holt. Saturday. Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Bacque, James, — Crimes and mercies ISBN 1. Germany – History – 2. Food supply. More than nine million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after the Second World War – a.

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This fate is a reminder not only of the vengeance that awaits the crimes of the totalitarians, but of the way the totalitarian view can, like a virus, infect the body politic even in a democ- racy.

Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation, 1944-50

The International Committee of the Red Cross was refused entry to the camps, Switzerland was deprived of its status as ” protecting power ” and POWs were reclassified as ” Disarmed Enemy Forces ” in order to avoid recognition under the Geneva Convention.

Inja,es won the Nobel Peace Prize.

With the official support of Merceis Grtnwald, this grew into the present documentation centre. For supporting me through a lot of thick and some thin, thanks to John Fraser, a gutsy friend, fine editor and so-so baseline player.

They deserve our respect and compassion. Next came the Poles. US soldiers look on as we are beaten by the French support troops. Kurt rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Alan Samson, my editor at Little, Brown in London, took bacqje courageous decision to publish this book despite the harsh opposition it is bound to arouse.

When he was finally discharged, Buchal received a paper stating that in the opinion of the US Army officers who commanded him, ‘During the above mentioned period [April-July ] he proved himself to be co-operative, capable, industrious andd reliable.

Full text of “Crimes And Mercies – The Fate Of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation “

Ronald Collins rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Only a few courageous individuals like Herbert Hoover, George Bell and Victor Gollancz have dared to remind us of the moral dilemma. InAjmes was in Brussels to attend a conference to present to the Germans a formula he had devised for solving the blockade problem.


All on this one theme, seeking to have the meries of Empire such that it will hold together by its several supports rather than all fall asunder Crimes and Mercies through the efforts of Tory imperialists to create a vaster Empire than has been, thereby sowing the seeds of another world war.

This extraordinary news – that starved people ridden with lice, pneumonia, TB and typhoid fever, sleeping in mud, have a lower mortality than civilians eating every day in houses – did not strike the German observers as odd. American troops shot civilian women who tried to feed the POWs; they also seized food and burned it; and 4 Germans were kept on starvation rations of less than calories per day cpd as part of deliberate policy Morgentau plan.

In Ontario, the first universal, free, mandatory, long-term education system in the history of the world was begun and perfected within forty years. The Germans’ fear of Allied vengeance was so powerful that William Donovan, Director of the OSS Office of Strategic Serviceswrote to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 27 November 1 that, ‘The horrible prospects of exile to Siberia, eternal slavery, de-industrialization, break-up of Germany and even sterilization, have been carefully portrayed to the Germans by their Nazi leaders.

In another part of the same cellar was a mother with three children – [aged] 6, 10 and One thing is for certain: We could only perform elementary superficial examinations auscultation. At Bad Kreuznach, a camp of some 56, in the th command, the deaths in hospital recorded by Major Jennings B. Let us hope that many more Canadian, American, British and other historians and journalists will take these matters seriously and devote to them the attention they deserve.

That these deaths occurred at all is stii! The seventeenth century experienced the ‘Thirty Years’ War’ — 48 with its incredible massacres of the civilian popula- tion.

Churchill mames Stalin a few weeks after Quebec that the public reaction to the Morgenthau Plan had displeased Roosevelt and him. Over 21, of their planes, half a mil- lion trucks, 12, tanks, and one-third of their merchant shipping fleet, were made in Great Britain, Canada or the United States.


Those who violate this command mrrcies nevertheless try to circumvent this blockade to allow something to come to the prisoners place themselves in danger of being shot. Some of these ‘evacuation hospitals’ were purported to be located in former German civilian hospitals, which crimees supposed to be administered by a few Germans under American supervision.

It is considered that the German spirit of resistance has been bolstered greatly by fear of the consequence of unconditional surrender. The irmy had pretended to stop delivering German slaves to the “rench, but in fact they continued.

Having captured very few prisoners themselves, they asked the British and Americans for part of their bag. The third area was during the transportation to, or in the ‘evacuation hospitals’.

Due to the enormous and entirely disinterested efforts of the ARA, millions drimes people of all ages were saved from death, and entire districts and even cities were saved from the horrible catastrophe which threatened them. In fact, the American camps might even have jamse worse than the Japanese camps: Time and again,’ the Senator continued, ‘the administration has advanced the excuse that transportation facilities were lacking, but for months scores bwcque ships have been lying idle in both eastern and European ports.

Return to Book Page. Ambassador Murphy witnessed and deplored the vengeance inflicted on Germany under JCSthe chief American directive on occupation policy pursuant to the purportedly abandoned Morgenthau Foreword Plan. He saw Hoover in the hotel lobby one day, and said brusquely, ‘Young man, I anf see why you Americans want to feed these Germans. In the town hall under the spires, he found the document showing that the Americans had threatened to shoot anyone who tried to take food to the camps.

After the war, these few powerful people kept the war going in the form of camouflaged vengeance.