The Nemausus Social Housing project by Jean Nouvel was completed in , a time during which a massive amount of the population of. Building Type: 4-Storey Low-rise Social Housing Scheme. bullet, Completion: bullet, Total Floor Area: 10, m2. bullet, Architect: Jean Nouvel.

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The justification is on the identified target audiences whom were later reported as tenants under 40 with some sort of “artistic inclination”. Currently, people living in these buildings was very young. Thin reinforced concrete with aluminium cladding. Nouvel was also able to add quite a bit of exterior space surrounding this building. It means all through-apartments, with double outlooks and the potential for crosscurrents to properly ventilate the space — a significant comfort factor in a Mediterranean climate.

At the opposite facade, which faces the street and adjacent buildings, this is repeated a footbridge but in this case is used in private practice for each unit. However, by continuing to use the site jfan changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Resting on these columns load-bearing walls that divide each apartment, which are repeated in the same way throughout the three floors. Unemployment and housing shortage is nemaisus lesser evil, but something existing.

This flexibility and individuality ensure that the future tenant knows exactly where he lives.

This reality is echoed in the designs of the era, and soon to appear for settlement proposals. Arnault De Bussiere Jeaan Nimes is a French city located in the south near the Mediterranean Sea. The resolution of social housing has always been a tricky issue and a suspense account for the great architects who are used to solve large spaces and work with high budgets. The two buildings with parking on ground floor semi-buried, and three upper floors of apartments.

Ie, it generates a transverse structure, which will hold the hand of a common movement, and the other the private courtyard of each house, making sure that both are balanced. Experimental housing with apartments and parking spaces Net Floor Area: Reuse and recycling potential.


The nwmausus that the politician was the architect was very good, especially for knowledge of it being his own country.

His connection with the horizontal flow is through bridges. With the single premise to create apartments with maximum flexibility and variety of types in a modular fashion, it creates multiple possibilities and combinations.

Although the appropriateness of using metal cladding in Hong Kong context is arguable perhaps for its industrial appearance, ease of abuse and so on, the idea of replaceable and recyclable finishing cladding is certainly a plausible one in terms of minimizing demolition waste and ultimate material recycling. Many of the typologies is also a volume of a rectangular shape in the center, which is located in a toilet, kitchen and a storage space. Innovation is certainly a plausible word. The complex housing Nemausus the challenge was much greater than just solving a whole.

Use of thin reinforced concrete. The area has a very good climate in much of the year and its people have the habit of living far away from home, making use of public space.

For the independent structure of the stairs using rectangular steel sections, painted red and white stripes, emphasizing the language industry. Usually, when I think of using a boom lift, I think of construction workers using them when working on buildings. It was built in an industrial zone as part of a project to improve public housing in the area.

People really took to the Nemausus project because it was so dramatically different from any apartment building that had come before it.

Newer Post Older Post Home. On the occasion of saving money, Nouvel conceived of his work with industrial materials and prefabricated items easy replication and assembly.

That is the contextual aspect. Horizontal circulations are located throughout the length of each volume, covering three floors. This was one of the most important aspects of the project in the eyes of Jean Nouvel.

Norms of social housing have been dropped in a bid to overcome the fate that leads to this churning out of apartments, all virtually identical, that only spread sadness — the sadness of a social condition that tends to confuse person and number, norm and quality, model and identity.


Also, many times these doors are double-height, so each person can break the stigma of homelessness among four walls, and open her apartment as if it were a simple curtain. View from the East, departure from the safe character. Elements of Open Layout and partitioning borrowed from office design.

Nemausus Housing

It is used as a sole or balcony space saved. Next comes the question of the site.

Cookies We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. They kept two strips of trees that once formed an arboretum, and run along the entire package. Without the attempt of experimentation, there is little chance of generating innovative ideas particularly within a context of extreme constraints.

Nemausus Experimental Scheme – Nimes, France

By doing this he wanted to encourage the tenants of the building to transform their own apartment to fit their needs. Thin reinforced concrete with aluminium cladding Building Type: The only exception to the modulation of the walls are prepared every 5 meters, is in the center of the nave, where it is severely broken with two walls to find a shorter distance, and there put the elevators. In addition, each of these types gives to both sides of the package. He raised the building up off the ground and used the space he gained for parking, which was a fairly revolutionary idea for the area.

Also recomposes and reinterprets the idea of dragging the flag that grows in height, with common spaces.