jitensha **EDIT** OK I uploaded the color version for your pleasure and 1 up to just show you all some of the art for my new ADULT TF comic, “Metamorph”. Source: #Metamorph+%28English+ Version% Posted 6 years ago by matt4; Rating: Explicit; Score: 10; ID: . #Metamorph+%28English+Version% Posted 6 years ago by matt4; Rating: Explicit; Score: 1; ID: ; Approver: .

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I am deleting this mega account and trying to rid myself of this horridly pleasurable fetish. I must say it’s a complete let down. Unfortunately, it crashed down. I know somewhere in the jitnsha of this thread is a link that includes all of the old thread. Just caught wind of this angrboda kerfuffle. You can click on one of my earlier links and search by metamorpy author at the end of February and it should be there.

I found who you’re looking for.

I wouldn’t mind buying them myself and sharing but they aren’t any good and a complete waste of money. First to die in a zombie apocalypse. Her commission prices are also terribly steep for the quality. I always found a lot of western TFs to be extra pages of nothing at least the full body ones, where you metaamorph always just get two pages barely different then suddenly fully transformed.

These are rough translations and I’ve probably got a lot of things wrong.

Jitensha metamorph – XXXPicz

Perfectly sound reasons to celebrate his death like an edgelord. Most artists just put silly bullshit there. Think of it as a preview, and you can always buy it for the full thing. Willing to post Becumming 2 if anyone metamofph got 3 or 4.

I’m curios, it seems like everybody has at least one of the Becumming comics the first jjitensha doesen’t count. The current RNG banner makes for an jitendha mfw. Sam and Daisy find themselves tricked by an old foe, and forced to transform! This is my fave kind of thing, and I’d love to know more context. If you like her work please buy it just consider this a demo and purchase afterwards if you enjoyed it. I put them all up on youtube and let people do what they want with them for free so long as they link me the final product.


Wait, angrboda is a radical SJW? First you have too wait a week everything I read said you need to wait a week some said two before your account can access sad panda. I feel like everyone should try their hand at making and selling content. What made it even worse is Maren had also ran out of breath and her quick ‘gasp! I’m also interested in Pokemaidens and the rest of the Becumming series, so someone post them.

Seems mir has a raffle up on her FA http: Cums inside her, licks her face, and she falls in love with the beast in a happy end.

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He entered the room with both hands occupied buttoning his suit. Like it’s not even really about Angrboda anymore. If it’s commercial and this was posted without permission it’s a pissed off author waiting to happen. Unless that wasn’t you, in which case then why the fuck did you even reply? Maybe tomorrow it will be up.

Something about thread rules not having any force behind them. This circlejerk needs to happen once every three to six months. I mean she does have seem to have some sort of debilitating illness and she got screwed over by some porn hosting site iirc.


It does suck to see someone just re-uploading it without attribution, which has happened a jirensha times.

Could it perhaps be you’re too young to get a job? There is female tfs but the amount of jock strap tfs is anomalysly high. Hmm a bit short for my liking, but still pretty gud. So no, he wasn’t just an old man with hemophilia. I hope was more profitable for you than was, mate. I’m the guy who posted the three image sets earlier, because I was trying to give us something else to fucking talk about.

I talked about it a bit in my long post here: Topics include process, humiliation, domination, Vore, Giant women, Giant men, Giant couples, and so much more! Tomorrow is the big day Usagi ties the knot with Mamoru! I just need a bit of time to clean up my stuff. Not sure why you’re projecting on the chicks that draw our porn. While jitenhsa through the Outback, Sergio finds himself unconscious, being carefully watched by a tribe of tiny people.

Next yata doujin is coming out during kemoket.

Images greater than x pixels will be thumbnailed. The reason it’s so big is because I have another gallery downloaded and all the images from the old tf threads as well downloaded.

Users who added this gallery

Pretty much my entire TF files. So I worked with a commonly known guy around here goes by the name of “Bendzz” not sharing any of his comics. Do people self-insert into these, or is it just for the heightened extent of the transformation?

I feel like being nice.