Name: Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ). Country: Pakistan. Subject(s): Civil, commercial and family law. Type of legislation: Regulation. An exhaustive commentary on the Qanun-e-Shahadat order, case law and Imprint: Lahore: Pakistan Law Times Publications: Stockist al-Qanoon. 14 Feb One fact is said_____ to another when the one is connected with the other in any of the ways referred to in the provisions of Qanun-e-Shahadat.

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So far as the Courts are concerned they are not supposed to follow any specific Imam, spiritual leader or religious sect, even in spite of their deep attachment with them. Provisions of Qanun-e-Shahadat apply to proceedings before any Court, Court martial, a Tribunal or other authority exercising judicial or quasi-judicial powers. Original document was also not placed on record.

Production of title deed of witness, not a party: Production of, during course of arguments.

Opinion of finger-point expert taken on file without objection. If such were capable of being seen, heard them if susceptible to hearing or perceived them otherwise if the facts could be so perceived through the senses or have subscribed to or participated in relation to. The fact that at the time when he left home he had sudden and urgent business at the place to which he went is relevant, as tending to explain the fact that shayadat left home shaahdat.

At his trial the following facts may be in issue: Power of attorney–Mode of proof –Waiver of–Effect–Power of attorney would be required to be proved to have been signed by the executant, without which such document would be inadmissible in evidence–Mode of proof of a document, however, being a question of procedure was capable of being waived–Where objection as to manner of proof of a document was not taken at the time same was sought to be proved in Trial Court and that document was shahzdat referred to by parties before that Court, such objection could not be raised subsequently in appeal.

Article 16 of The Qanun-e-Shahadat deals with. Agreement to sell-Plaintiff is to succeed on the basis of his own evidence and not xhahadat the syahadat of weakness of the evidence of the defence-Civil matter is to be decided on the basis of proponderance of evidence and the Court is to consider the entire evidence on record, whether shahqdat is of the plaintiff or of both plaintiff and defendant, in order to arrive at correct conclusion-Once the evidence is brought on record, the question of burden of proof loses its significance.


Birth certificates being not clear were rightly discarded by Courts below. Evidence of a witness is for Justice to Allah S: Concurrent findings of Courts shahaxat were affirmed in circumstances.

The says to B: Subjects Evidence Law — Pakistan. A person is said to be acquainted with the handwriting of another person when he has seen that person write, or when he has received documents purporting to be written by that person in answer to documents written by himself or under his authority and addressed to that person, or when, in the ordinary course of business, documents purporting to be written by that person have been habitually submitted to him.

Courts, however, as shahzdat rule of prudence seeking corroboration in material particulars of evidence of shahavat accomplice before making it basis of conviction. Article 64 of The Qanun-e-Shahadat deals with.

P L D Kar. Provided that a person shall not be competent to testify pakidtan he has been convicted by a Court for perjury or giving false evidence: Document tendered in evidence and exhibited at the trial without any objection-Effect-Where no objection had been raised at the time of tendering and exhibiting of evidence before the trial Court or even before the lower appellate forum, no objection could be raised in second appeal.

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The Qazi, however, ought not to pass a decree immediately on the refusal of the defendant but must first administer on oath to the plaintiff and then pass the decree against the defendant. Three Courts below having misread evidence on the question of relationship of plaintiffs with vendor had failed to give proper consideration to material facts.

Write a review Rate this item: Oath upon which evidence needs to be recorded in judicial proceedings is. Provided further that the provisions of the first proviso shall not apply to a person about whom the Court is satisfied that he has repented thereafter and mended his ways: Needs to be proved by strong corroborative evidence. A previous conviction is relevant as evidence of bad character. Nor relevant neither needs any sport of other evidence.

In shahsdat for whahadat facts tending to enable Court to determine amount are relevant: Please verify that you are not a robot. Under provisions of Qanun-e-Shahadat, privilege can be claimed.

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Provision relating to conviction on sole testimony of accomplice as provided in Art. If it refers to an opinion or to the grounds on which that opinion is held, it must be the evidence of the person who holds that opinion on those grounds: Such payment would be made by plaintiffs in addition to payment of decretal amount. Law attaches more importance to quality than to quantity of evidence.

Pakistan – Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ).

Childs evidence is not paksitan merely because no oath was administered to him. As between A and C, the judgment against B is irrelevant.

Production of certified copies of Public Documents. A portion of the statement of a witness based 1894 personal observation and knowledge of the shahacat cannot be regarded as hearsay. Likewise, merely because a document has been admitted in evidence and exhibited such fact alone, whereupon the record source of the document is disputed, would not constitute proof of its execution by the purported executant. For purpose of Art. Disputed handwriting or signatures of a person.

Provided further that, if oral evidence refers to the existence or condition of any material thing other than a document, the Court may, if it thinks fit, require the production of such material thing for its inspection: Parade of any armed department. Certified copies of certified copies.

No exception could be taken to concurrent findings of Courts below on specific issues. Before treating any affidavit as a piece of evidence, it is the requirement of law that a party should be made aware that such affidavit Was their full and final evidence. It was held that in circumstances of case, depositions of witnesses brought on record of Sessions Court could not be treated as evidence.

Certified copies of public documents: Comparison of signatures on questioned document with signatures on admitted documents by Court.

The fact that he said something indicated general disposition to commit crimes of that class is irrelevant.